Precinct Convention Locations

We must stand together as to insure conservative ideals are met at each phase of the Conventions
Process.  It is incumbent upon each of us to fully participate, beginning at the Precinct Convention.
Make sure you guarantee your consideration as a voting Precinct delegate to your County Convention
by attending your Precinct Convention.  Be part of the grassroots of the Republican Party.
Pct Time Location of Republican Precinct Conventions
ALL PRECINCT CONVENTIONS – MARCH 10, 2018 – 903-297-1908
1,2,3 10:00 AM Republican Party Headquarters, 220 N. Fredonia, Longview
4,5 10:00 AM Judson Community Church, 572 Johnson Rd off Hwy 259 N., Longview
6,7 10:00 AM Springhill Baptist Church, 4000 Gilmer Rd., Longview
8,9 9:30 AM Pine Tree Community Center, 1701 Pine Tree Road, Longview
10,11 11:00 AM Pine Tree Community Center, 1701 Pine Tree Road, Longview
12 10:00 AM Emmanuel Baptist Church, 501 E. Highway 80, White Oak
13 10:00 AM Gladewater Chamber of Commerce, 213 N. Main, Gladewater
14 10:00 AM Old Sabine ISD Elementary Cafeteria, 5219 Old Hwy 135 N., Liberty City
15,16,17 10:00 AM Meadowbrook County Club, 1306 Houston St., Kilgore
18 10:00 AM Cherokee Water Company Office, NK30 Lake Cherokee, Longview
19,20,21 10:00 AM Grace Brethren Church, 800 Doyle St., Longview
March 24th County Convention, Pine Tree Auditorium, off Pine Tree Rd behind School
It is the first step in forming our Party.  Delegates and Alternates are elected to go to the
County Convention and resolutions are approved that determines our platform.
Delegates go to the County Convention on March 24th at the Pine Tree ISD Auditorium.
Delegates are elected to go to the State Convention in San Antonio on June 14-16
and resolutions are approved to take to the State Convention.
Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Texas Republican Party are elected at State Convention.
Our Children need your help through Volunteering and setting examples.

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