Republican Club Meeting

Republican Club of Gregg County

Meeting: July 19th at 6:30 pm

Place:  Jalapeno Tree, 508 N. Eastman Road

Program:  Eliminating School Property Taxes in Texas

Speaker: Dr. Vance Ginn, Director, Center for Economic Prosperity & Senior Economist

Dr. Ginn is with the Texas Public Policy Foundation.  He is a leading free market economist with research to let people prosper in their unique way by removing government barriers in Texas, D.C. and beyond.




EXTRA!!!    EXTRA!!!

Rafael Cruz (Senator Ted Cruz’s father)

Will be attending.

We would like to have your RSVP  903-297-1908 or

Text 903-746-0281/

RCGC, P O Box 4422, Longview, TX 75606

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