We The People Meeting tonight!!

Calling all tax increase fighters!
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A quick reminder from
We The People-Longview Tea Party

Our next meeting is tonight at 7pm! We will be at our customary location, the First Church of the Nazarene in Longview at 2601 HG Mosley Parkway.

We will be talking about the new bond proposal by the City of Longview for the November election ballot. It’s time for all TEA Party people in the area to mount up and ride again, this time to City Hall and say, just like in the original days of our movement: Taxed Enough A lready! Our property taxes are already too high, and they keep going up because of increasing appraisals, and now City Council wants to raise them again with a bond issue! Did you know, a full 8% of the City’s annual budget is devoted exclusively to paying down CURRENT DEBT obligations? And yet, the Council wants to send us further in to debt. Although the bulk of this proposed new debt is for construction of new public safety facilities and smaller amounts on infrastructure, it is financially irresponsible and shows contempt for taxpayers to keep raising taxes through new debt, when so much is still left to be paid on!

So join us tonight for an “old school” TEA Party meeting as we discuss this bond fight, and how you can join us in opposing it! Even if you do not live inside the Longview city limits, you can still help out! If you do any shopping, and especially own a business in Longview, this still affects you!

See you tonight at 7!Best regards,Jeremiah Hunter Chairman of the Board We The People-Longview Tea Party
P.S. — If you can spare an hour, it is worth watching Mayor Andy Mack’s Virtual Town Meeting he held this past Thursday night, where the bond proposal was a big part of the discussion. [ Watch the replay on the City of Longview Facebook page ]( http://trk.cp20.com/click/47w7-rn5nl-fsc90o-67qoexj2/ ) where you can read the comments from viewers (including yours truly advocating against higher taxes.) If you are not on Facebook, you can [ view the broadcast on the CityView Municipal Television ]( http://trk.cp20.com/click/47w7-rn5nl-fsc90p-67qoexj3/ ) section of the city’s website.)

We The People-Longview Tea Party
P.O. Box 6003
Longview, TX 75608

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