Republican Party of Texas State Convention

Welcome to Republican Party of Texas State Convention page on Below is information about the Convention for attendees, delegates, and alternates. If you have any additional questions, please email us, call the headquarters at 903-297-1908, or come by the office.

Theme, Dates, Location

June5-7, 2014
Fort Worth Convention Center
Fort Worth, TX
RPT 2014 State Convention Official Site

Convention Resources


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General Rules for Republican Conventions
These are the rules prescribed by the Republican Party of Texas regulating county and other conventions.


For more information, visit the RPT Convention Committees page.

Appointments to State Convention Temporary Committees appointments are governed by Rule #33b:

RPT Rule No. 33b:
Temporary Committees. Within ten (10) days following the County/Senatorial District Conventions, the two (2) SREC members representing each Senatorial District, either separately or jointly, shall recommend to the State Chairman one (1) representative from among their district’s delegates to each of the State Convention temporary committees. The State Chairman shall appoint one (1) delegate from each Senatorial District to each of these committees from among these recommendations timely submitted, or of his own choosing if no names were submitted, or none were eligible or willing to serve.

In addition to these members, the State Chairman shall appoint the Chairman for each temporary committee. These lists of members and Chairmen, including contact information, shall be posted to the Republican Party of Texas’ website within thirty (30) days following the County/Senatorial District Conventions. Said list(s) will be dated and updated as new/corrected information is obtained.

The temporary committees are:

  1. Credentials: This committee shall hear any contests concerning delegates and alternates which were not filed as challenges and shall recommend the resolution of such contests, plus the temporary roll about which there is no contest, to the SREC. Additionally, this committee shall hear all challenges forwarded to it by the State Officials Committee, plus any challenge under appeal, and shall recommend the resolution thereof to the State Convention.
  2. Temporary Organization: This committee shall recommend the temporary organization of the convention to the SREC. The State Chairman shall be the Temporary Chairman of the Biennial State Convention. The officers of each State Convention shall include a registered parliamentarian, appointed by the State Chairman.
  3. Rules: This committee shall recommend the Supplementary Rules for the Convention to the SREC and may recommend changes in these General Rules to the Permanent Committee on Rules.
  4. Platform and Resolutions: This committee shall conduct the preliminary deliberations for the purpose of making recommendations to the Permanent Committee on Platform and Resolutions.

Appointments for Temporary Caucus Chairman are governed by Rule #33d:

RPT Rule #33d:
Temporary Caucus Chairman. Prior to each State Convention in Presidential election years the State Chairman shall appoint the Temporary Chairman of each Congressional District Caucus. Prior to each State Convention, the two (2) members from each Senatorial District of the SREC shall appoint one (1) representative from among their Senatorial District’s delegates to be the Temporary Chairman in Senatorial District Caucus; provided, however, that if requested in writing by Senatorial District Convention resolution, the State Chairman shall appoint the Permanent Chairman of the last Senatorial District Convention for those Senatorial Districts which lie solely within one (1) county, unless the Permanent Chairman is unable or unwilling to serve. If the two (2) SREC members cannot agree on a selection, then each shall submit a name to the State Chairman, who will select one (1) of the names submitted. If any appointed delegate is unable to serve, the State Chairman may appoint a replacement.

Get Involved

Become A Convention Volunteer Worker – There are two levels of volunteers: Adult volunteers and Convention Pages; adult volunteers include Ambassadors (new for 2012), Registration, and Sergeant-at-Arms.

Volunteer Application Forms
Adult: MS Word | PDF
Convention Page: MS Word | PDF

Descriptions of all four positions (from RPT site):

  • Ambassadors: “[P]rovide general information about the convention when attendees are seeking directions or asking general questions.”
  • Registration: “[D]istribute registration packets and pleasantly assist convention attendees in obtaining their badges.”
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: “[R]equires the ability to interact professionally with convention attendees in multiple scenarios such as checking credentials of persons entering certain areas of the convention center and staffing the floor microphones when debate occurs on the convention floor.”
  • Convention Pages: “[A]ssist delegates, alternates, and guests to their respective seating on the convention floor, and also usher their assigned delegation to the Senate District Caucus room to avoid unnecessary delays. During caucus meetings, pages will carry messages to other chairmen, convention staff or the delegation and assist with any business of the caucus.”

Convention Activities

Tentative Convention Schedule – Subject to change based on conditions/needs

Extra-Conventional Events & Activities


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